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Healthy Life

Health is Wealth Is a proverb that we have been hearing since a long time now. But how much of this proverb have we adapted In our busy lifestyle, where everyone is busy in earning bread and butter ?? This is a question that we need to ask ourselves.

To lead a Healthy life all a person needs to focus is on these 5 important aspects;

1. Eat Better

In this growing world where everyone is striving hard to let the two ends meet, what we keep at stake is our health. We start missing on our health with our eating habits that is very much important aspect of life.

We usually categorize our eating schedule in three major aspects i.e. Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner. As this order follows so should be the quantum of food consumed in the decreasing order, resulting the breakfast to be the heaviest among all. A moderate lunch followed by lite Dinner. Our food should always be constituted with fruits of any kind as they provide a combination of fibre and vitamins of various types. It is always a better practice to have a wholesome diet (consisting required amount of proteins, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates) then be on supplements.

2. Socialize

Man is a social animal. Nowadays this is just limited to the social networking websites. Considering the social network is very important in one’s life. To have a strong connection with your friends and family is what helps you to lead a positive life. Frequent interactions with your closed one’s leads to the thought sharing process helping you relive the stress levels resulting into a positive life. Social and Spiritual life plays a very important role in healthy living. Often occurrences of Festivals give you more such reasons to socialize and bond with the people in your surroundings. If not festivals there are always weekends that can help you out of your daily busy life.

3. Minimize Stress Levels

With the attitude of being the best among the rest many people find it difficult to manage their stress levels. Excessive stress can also sometimes lead to various types of health issues. Incorporating some habits in your routine can help relieve stress. Activities such as meditation and yoga can help calm down your mind. Listening to good music also helps an instant change in your mood and feeling good.

4. Exercise

In todays corporate world where you spend nearly 8 to 10 hours in the office it is of utmost importance to keep your body fit. Exercise is not just going to the gym and working out on various equipment. There are various other ways where you can perform the same task in a much creative way which may also help you achieve your passion. Join an aerobics class or you can even opt for dancing, or simply go for a walk with your closed ones. Any such activity that can help you burn your calories is a kind of exercise that you perform. If not to the fullest 15 to 20 mins from your routine towards this can help you improve your health. It is good to start with small rather then not doing at all.

5. Sleep well

Early to Bed Early to Rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. Sleep is as important as the above mentioned reasons. According to a survey an average adult should take 7 to 8 hours sleep is less chronic to any kind of health disease. It is difficult for an adult to get this much sleep deeply as they may wake up early or in midnight, small naps can help complete a total of

8 hours of sleep.

Key Points:

• Eat Meals thrice a day with Dinner being the litest of all. • Always include ample amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet. • Instead of having ample of food during a meal further divide them(meals)at smaller intervals. Eat the smallest portion that can satisfy hunger, and then stop eating. • Excessive eating when depressed or angry won’t help, rather worsen the situation. • Avoiding heavy meals before sleep, can help to a better sleep. • Avoid aerated drinks that are high on calories and sugar, as they make some people hungrier resulting in excessive food consumption.